Wholesale Store

Buying Chocolate Online

We have two state of the art facilities to handle all your chocolate manufacturing and distribution needs.

True Category Management from product selection and procurement to order generation and retail support right down to the shelf tags.

Gourmet Chocolate and Wholesale Chocolate

Contract Packaging Services Wholesale Distribution: Bloomer Candy produces delicious tasting milk chocolates that can be used as chocolate gifts, including gift baskets and boxed chocolates for virtually any occasion. We also offer wholesale chocolates in bulk for gift shops and retailers.

Bloomer Candy also specializes in high quality Manufacturing, Packaging and distribution of gourmet chocolate and confectionary related products and value added service programs for retailers.

Chocolate Manufacturing and Packaging

Whether you need Milk Chocolate Clusters, Chocolate Caramels, Chocolate Creams, Solid Novelty items or just about any other item, you can have them manufactured, packaged by item or pallet, and delivered by The Bloomer Candy Co.

Private Label and Contract Packaging

You need a Private Label Program, Promotional Items, Pre-Configured Multi Item Pallet Displays, Large Packs or Special Items. The Bloomer Candy Co. can put it all together for you. From Development, Design, Sourcing and Special Packaging and Dating needs we offer a turn key solution. 

Wholesale and Distribution

Want your product delivered to your warehouses? Great! Want it delivered to each of your 3,000 stores on a regular schedule? That's great too! Bloomer Candy packs by item and store. You can use old fashioned paper or advanced EDI systems. We also deploy a Rock Solid ERP system to generate store orders based on your information and criteria.