Customer Stories

Sondra via Facebook | 10 April 2013

"I've been looking for quality gummy peach rings for quite a while now. I had tried all of the name brands and store brands locally when my local Wal-Mart brought in all kinds of your confections. For a while I was skeptical, $2.00 per bag as opposed to the usual $1.00, what made them special? Let's find out. Oh my gosh, they are the freshest and softest gummy peach rings I have had, ever!! Personally I think the sugar coating could be finer, but they are amazing none the less.  I love them, and plan to try other products of yours!"

Debbie via Facebook | 19 December 2012

"your candy has been in my memories for years every year growing up dad bought a basket for the house and i love the creme filled, as an adult my father always gave us a basket with a christmas the candy!"

Robert via YouTube | November 2012

"Looking for quality vanilla cream peanut clusters, I found Bloomer on the internet a few short years ago and have ordered several gifts since. With an ample selection of quality chocolates to chose from, my choice has become the all inclusive 5 lb basket. Without exception, each order has brought huge smiles to the faces of the lucky recipients."

Jamie via Facebook | 20 November 2012

"My Grandma used to keep the basket in the dining room around Christmas and I used to sneak pieces out during the day, along with everyone else. Now I buy it for my brother in Indiana because he can't find it there and bis kids now love it too. Great holiday memories!"

Donna via Facebook | 21 August 2012

"Visited Bloomers Candy while in Zanesville....and of course just had to bring some brother also bought some for his wife.......takes you back in the 50's my mother always bought 5 lb at Christmas in a basket.....the basket ultimately was recycled and used as a clothes pin basket.......Bloomers has been in existence since the 1800' many businesses can claim that?"

Tamara via Facebook | 14 August 2012

"I was born in zanesville and we moved away when I was young and I remember going to my grandparents and they always had one of these baskets of candy waiting on us. I miss my grandparents and I even bought the candy for myself but it's not as good as when it's a gift of LOVE."

Marla via Facebook | 26 July 2012

"My husband is a Marine so that has taken us from Zanesville for the past 23 years. When we get to come back we go right away and buy some bloomer caramel clusters and some peanut butter logs. Those have been a favorite of mine since I was a very young girl living up the street from Westview and going to the store on the corner of Englewood and Dresden to buy bloomer chocolate from Schotts store. Now someone in our family always sends us some chocolate for Christmas and we are so very grateful."

Laura via Email | 25 July 2012

"I just wanted to comment on how good your caramel peanut clusters are.  I saw them at the checkout lane at Walmart(Dayton Ohio 45414) and had a craving for chocolate so decided to try it.  Oh my goodness was I pleasantly surprised at how well they tasted and how fresh they were!  I have my daughter hooked on them now! They will be a staple in her college care packages!
Thank you for such a fresh smooth tasting chocolate treat!"

Lark via Facebook | 16 July 2012

"I grew up in a small town in West Virginia. Every Christmas my father would get a 5 pound basket of bloomer candy. Maybe it was fate that I would get a teaching job and move to Zanesville for 31 years."