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"We are a big part of a small Ohio town full of good, hardworking people."

The historic town of Zanesville has been home to The Original Bloomer Candy Company for more than one hundred years, and the relentless pursuit of chocolate perfection has always been The Bloomer Candy Company's goal. Our superior tasting milk chocolates and delicious confections, are made in small batches from the finest ingredients!

Today The Original Bloomer Candy Company not only produces the same delicious milk chocolates that everyone has come to expect, but we have expanded into other product areas like dark chocolate, gummies, hard candies and sugar free candies. The offerings are as endless as they are delicious!

Bloomer CEO, Jerry Nolder, sums it up very well, "Our story is an American story and we remain true to our middle class values. We offer high quality and high value to our customer base."

Bloomer Candy Co. | America's Hardworking Chocolate | Since 1879 from SERIF~creative on Vimeo.